“Stop Your House’s Tax Sale – Save The Equity”

Chris Buys Homes in St. Louis is a real estate investment company that is working in together with St. Louis County to help homeowners with properties that are behind on their property taxes.
The goal is to help homeowners save the equity they have in their house instead of letting it sell in the St. Louis County’s Annual Tax Sale.

Few basic details about the process of the Annual Tax Sale in St. Louis County:

  1. Any property that has been behind on taxes for 3 years is offered at the St. Louis County’s Annual Tax Sale. you can check HERE if your property is behind on taxes.
  2. The Annual Tax Sale is scheduled for the 4th Monday of August. The date of the Tax Sale for 2019 is 08/26/19.
  3. Any property that is offered in the tax sale is sold to the highest bidder, with the back taxes being the opening bid.
  4. All tax sales are final. Once a property is sold in the tax sale the homeowner looses any rights he has in the property and immediately looses any equity he had in it, if any.
  5. The sale of a property that has back taxes can be cancelled anytime if the back taxes are paid in full PRIOR to the Annual Tax Sale.

Here are some details about our company Chris Buys Homes in St. Louis:

  1. We are a local real estate investment company in St. Louis that have bought and sold over 90 properties in 2018.
  2. We buy properties AS-IS in any condition and any situation, for cash. (and by any condition – we mean it!)
  3. We have helped dozens of homeowners in St. Louis area by buying their houses, providing a fair cash offer for their house in just 24 hours.
  4. We are doing our best to make the process of selling a house as easy as possible – We handle all the paperwork!
  5. There are ZERO real estate commissions and ZERO closing costs or fees for you to pay if we buy your house.
  6. In case your property is behind on taxes for 2+ years, we will buy it and we will pay all the back taxes for you!
  7. By selling your house to us, you can save the equity you have in the house, which means you get cash instead of losing your house.
  8. We can help almost anyone that is reaching for help, so give us a call today or just fill out the form.


Elaine – Kirkwood, MO

“Just wanted to start off by saying that Chris is a wonderful person. My home was up for auction by the county because I just didn’t have the money to pay taxes. I tried selling the home with no luck at all. Thankfully my sister help me find Chris online and he got me out of the situation I was in. Now I even have cash for my retirement.” – Elaine, June 2018.




George – Ferguson, MO

“I would like to personally thank Chris and the entire team at Chris Buys Homes in St. Louis for there tremendous help with my dad’s house. I inherited my dad’s house about 3 years ago and since the house was paid for, I didn’t know I need to make any payments for it. When I received the letter from St. Louis County that the house will be up for auction in few months it was too late, because I didn’t have all that cash that was needed in order to pay 3 years of taxes. Chris came by, looked at the house and bought it as-is in just 21 days, and as he stated before – he paid all the back taxes and I got a check from the title company for almost $20,000!” – George, June 2018.


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